artwing NY

Artwing is our 2x award winning website. A New York based agency that represents some of the world's top fashion photographers appearing in publications such as: Vogue, Elle, Wallpaper, Rolling Stone, Pulp, GQ, Harper's Bazaar and L'Official to name a few.

The challenge was to create a web design (UI/UX) that pushed the client's images into the limelight and yet seemed under-designed as not to steal the show - this is harder than you think.


HaloBoost is an intricate crowdfunding platform with a twist; every pledge made gives 5% of the proceeds to charity! HaloBoost is another of our 2x award winning website projects giving recognition to a successful highly customized web development solution.

The UI/UX challenge is to allow each crowdfunder to create a unique project while ensuring a smooth user experience. In addition, the Stripe Payment Gateway integration includes a 3-way split; one of their allowed exceptions.

Brixbid is a concept web development solution that connects renters with landlords in an auction environment that arbitrates the market and provides true pricing transparency.

The website runs on our proprietary developed auction bidding engine which is fully integrated; payment gateway, Docusign electronic lease origination and integration, Credit Reporting API all to achieve seamless end-to-end document processing.

This is a highly complex, transactive webdesign project with lots going on behind the pretty picture.

Scottparks international realty

ScottParks International Realty is an award winning website design & branding project. Justin, the founder, came to us and asked us to create a website that was bold, clean and had lots of white space. Fortunately, we had such amazing, high-end photography and imagery to work with which really made the design and UI stand out.

SP gives back 10% of agency commission on sales to charity. It's amazing to work with such a forward thinking company.

Espresso Cafe

La Dolce Vita! Espresso Cafe brings Filicori Italian roasted coffee, fresh baked pastries, sandwiches and their own store-made chocolates to the the offices of the hungry and busy workers of New York.

Our photographer and art director carefully shot all of the website images to create an exquisitely rich and intense visual experience to match their food. A simple design, but the construct, the creation and placement of the images and messaging (UI/UX) are what make this a success.

Black Mountain Capital

Black Mountain Capital is a Midtown Manhattan Real Estate capital advisory firm.

Our web design solution highlights the company's individuality against a conservative industry backdrop. The use of bold color and imagery makes the overall user experience refreshing and enticing. A clean UI mirrors the rigid expectations of the financial world, creating a well rounded website.